Trump’s Travel Ban Is About To Change In A Big Way

The travel ban expires Sunday. Liberals would be happy if we threw open the borders and sang a siren song to migrants in celebration. President Trump actually cares about the country, however, so instead of letting the protections lapse he plans to introduce a revised executive order.

The new rules would allow the State Department to add or remove countries from the targeted list at will. Governments that refuse to repatriate their citizens are at risk of being singled out, as are countries that are being torn apart by Islamic violence.

“The President’s travel executive order is motivated by national security, and every step we can take to protecting people in this country, that’s a step we’re going to take. And we’re going to continue to push forward,” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained.

Democrat’s have been fighting tooth and nail against the travel ban. Their base has silly ideas about illegal immigrants and refugees. A lot of “woke” Millennials claim that they’d be happier if American cities were overrun by migrants.

“The Trump administration will ensure we only admit those who can be properly vetted and will not pose a threat to national security or public safety,” a White House official said Friday.

(Source: Daily Mail)