Trump’s Response To Baton Rouge Shootings Proves He’s The LEADER America NEEDS

The despicable nature that groups such as Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers perpetuate is absolutely unacceptable in our society. Their actions and mentality is that of a domestic terror group and they’ve proven that their will act on their ideals. Specifically, they will murder white police officers (or any for that matter now) because of 2-3 isolated shootings of black Americans, even though they don’t say a word when thousands of black Americans are shot by other black Americans in Chicago every year. The hypocrisy is staggering.

And as Judge Jeanine Pirro knows, this all stems from the top of our government. Obama’s failure to recognize the problem and make it right has fueled these groups. Especially when Obama sides with them and makes everything about race.

It’s not about race, it’s about the human condition and making life better for yourself. Donald Trump knows this and is speaking out about the most recent shooting in Baton Rouge. And the way he’s responding to these disgusting and deplorable acts just shows that he will be an infinitely better leader than Obama could ever hope to be.

Watch below. This is what a true leader sounds like.

I’ll be voting for Trump because of these exact things. He knows how to deal with thug mentality and disaster. He’ll bring us back from the brink and show Obama what it’s really like to lead a country. Obama hasn’t done that for 8 years.

(Source: Fox News)