Trump’s EPIC Response To The France Terror Attack Will WAKE America The HELL Up!

Tragedy unfolded in the town of Nice, France, when an armed gunman with a French-Tunisian ID drove a truck through a crowd of hundreds of people celebrating Bastille Day. The total number of dead is approaching 80.

It was reported that the suspect was trying to kill as many people as possible, and although the nationality of the driver isn’t broadcast on mainstream media, it’s a good bet that he’s from the same region of the world that condones this sort of thing as a matter of public policy.

That’s right, radical Islam. According to reports, ISIS has taken responsibility for these attacks. Surprise, surprise.

While many leaders struggle to find how they can shoehorn their agenda into this tragic event, one leader is as candid as can be, suggesting solutions that will work, if only he’s given the chance to enact them. This leader is Donald Trump, and what he said in the wake of these tragic attacks needs to shake America to its core.

It started with a tweet:

After postponing the announcement of his vice Presidential candidate in light of the attacks, he gave a quick and somber statement that no one should have to give – yet we’re seeing this more and more often:

After which Trump took to the phone to make his view known to anyone within earshot, starting with The O’Reilly Factor, where he outlines that, under no uncertain terms, that we are at WAR:

Asked by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly if NATO troops should now launch a ground and air offensive against unspecified terrorist targets. “I would say that would be just fine,” Trump reportedly replied.

He said “I would, I would” when asked if he would seek a formal declaration of military action from the US Congress. “This is war,” Trump continued. “If you look at it, this is war. Coming from all different parts. And frankly it’s war, and we’re dealing with people without uniforms. In the old days, we would have uniforms. You would know who you’re fighting.”

Trump then went on to outline why Hillary and Obama are fueling this mess with their globalist nonsense:

The fact is, France is a Western nation that has become far too liberal, and they have no way of combating these savage aggressors from abroad.

If you think that this can never happen to our nation, look at what Hillary’s proposing as far as disarming the public and bringing in more refugees. The woman is trying to actively destroy everything that makes this country strong and Trump just called her out on all of her anti-American BS. America needs to wake up. We absolutely cannot afford four more years of anyone as poisonous as Obama, and certainly not the snake in the weeds known as Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is the wake-up call America needs before it wakes up and realizes that the country we know and love has disappeared.