Trump Vs. Obama: The Numbers Are In, It’s Official, And The Results WILL Surprise You

Let’s all take a moment of silence for Barack Obama, political superstar. The ex-president’s once stratospheric popularity is dwindling rapidly, even among his own base.

A recent poll shows that most Americans think Donald Trump is a better president than Obama.

If for some reason you formed your view of the world by what you saw on CNN and MSNBC you might think that Obama was a God and Trump a rich buffoon who lucked into the White House. And you would be wrong. Obama was a smooth-talker, but Trump has already proved himself to be a much more effective leader.

A Trump supporter wrote for the Atlantic:

“When Barack Obama was elected, I cried for the country. We were doomed… we got Obama who governs against the will of the people––I do not think Obama loves America and I think he is trying to destroy this country. Whatever did the Democrats see in Obama? Well, maybe that’s what we see in Trump. Maybe he is our version of Obama. Maybe everything you say about Trump is true.
But I know that Trump, unlike Obama, loves America. Trump has never lied to me whereas all of the other Republican politicians (like McConnell & Boehner) have. They don’t fight for my side. They cave to Obama ahead of time. Nobody fights for my side. Trump fights. Trump wins.”

The media doesn’t understand Trump supporters because most pundits live in a liberal la la land. America isn’t confined to San Francisco and New York City. Average Americans are rarely represented by the media, which is perhaps most networks’ November election predictions were hilariously wrong.

The “not my president” fools are the minority. Most Americans support President Trump.

(Source: The Atlantic)