Trump Threw This Reporter Out. When He Came Back, Trump UNLEASHED! WOW!

In an Iowa press conference, Donald Trump included a customary question and answer section. However, being such a controversial figure has its downsides, meaning that people feel they have a right to talk over you, like Jorge Ramos from Univision did.

When Trump called upon another reporter, Ramos started up and said “You can’t deport 11 million people!” as a response to Trump’s relatively harsh policy on illegal immigrants. Ramos was quickly thrown out, but then allowed to come back shortly after, where Trump took Ramos’ questions.

Here is that exchange.

When Ramos asks “How are you going to build a wall that’s 1900 miles long”, Trump replies “That’s easy – what’s hard is making a building that’s 95 stories tall.” Although the Univision crowd and the liberal media will likely spin the exchange another way, Trump’s plan will make a difference in the lives of Americans by providing jobs and reducing crime. If he does what he says, he has my vote.

(Source: YouTube)