Trump Admin Doubles Down – Says Obama Didn’t Call John Kelly After His Son Was Killed In Iraq

President Trump has once again found himself embroiled in a controversy thanks to comments he made Monday, when he claimed that Obama didn’t call the parents of fallen soldiers. Former White House officials have expressed outrage over the comments, saying they called, met, and wrote to the families.

But during an interview with Fox News radio host Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday, Trump stood firm with his claim while bringing up his chief of staff.

As reported at the Daily Mail, referring to General John Kelly, Trump said, “Now as far as other representers, I don’t know. I mean, you could ask General Kelly. Did he get a call from Obama? You could ask other people. I don’t know what Obama’s policy was,” the president said Tuesday morning.

Trump brought the general up because his son was killed in Iraq, and according to administration sources, Kelly didn’t receive a call from Obama. Even though on top of his son’s death, he was the commander of the Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North.

Not to mention he was the commander of the multinational forces in Iraq as well. So for him of all people to not get a call when his son was killed is beyond strange, and immediately calls into question any other similar incidents.

The entire reason for this ordeal is thanks to a press conference Trump called to discuss an October ambush on American special forces that result in several deaths. During it, he mentioned in passing how Obama didn’t make calls to the fallen’s families.

The outrage over the comments has been swift and vociferous, with one former top Obama official called trump a “deranged animal.” During the interview with Kilmeade, he was asked if had anything to clarify on the issue, to which Trump said:

There was absolutely no reason for Trump to make the comments in the first place, as they served no purpose other than to make him look petty. It doesn’t matter if it was true, the media has and will spin it to make him look crazy. The president should spend less time worrying and talking about what Obama did, and start focusing solely on his own administration and how it’s going to rectify the disastrous policies of the Obama era.


Source:Daily Mail