Trump Has Private Talk With Jerry Jones, Instantly Comes Forward With Huge Announcement

The Dallas Cowboys’ rebellion has already been squashed. President Trump spoke with owner Jerry Jones Wednesday and announced that the pair had come to an agreement. The Cowboys WILL stand for the national anthem.

The NFL’s unruly protest is interfering with an American tradition. Fans want to watch a ball game, not a political demonstration. During a Sunday night game the entire Cowboys team linked before the anthem, supposedly to show their solidarity.

Owner Jones, a longtime Trump supporter, surprisingly participated as well. Yet Jones apparently wasn’t committed to the cause, because his deal with Trump comes less than two days later. Football players work for the league. If the owner doesn’t like a player’s behavior, he can fire him.

If Jones forbids his players from disrespecting the anthem it’ll be a giant step forward for the NFL. Most of the league seems to be committed to following their stubborn course.

“Get that son of a b***h off the field right now. Out! He’s fired,” Trump said last week, urging owners to fire protesting players.

Most Americans support Trump. Standing during the anthem is a very simple way to show respect for your country. Players who are really bothered by the performance should protest on their own time.

(Source: New York Post)