Trump On NYC Terrorist: ‘Send Him To Gitmo’

The latest terror attack on US soil has claimed the lives 8 innocent people and wounded many more. The weapon of choice this time around was a rented truck, which has become the weapon of choice for Islamic radicals, as it’s simple to acquire and highly effective.

While investigators pour into the life of the Uzbek national responsible for this atrocity, Trump using the tragedy to put the spotlight on a disgusting immigration program that facilitates the terrorist’s infiltration of the US. He’s also trying to decide what will be done with the terrorist since he was taken alive.

As reported at the Daily Mail, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would consider sending Sayfullo Saipov,  to the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I would certainly consider that, yes. I would certainly consider that. Send him to Gitmo,” Trump said. On top of that, Trump is moving quickly to dismantle the State Department’s diversity lottery program that awards 50,000 visas a year to immigrants from countries that have a low number of folks already residing in the US. This diversity system is what allowed Saipov entry to the US back in 2010.

He came in through the diversity program as you know, and we’re going to stop it,” the president vowed.

The “diversity lottery” – sounds nice. It’s not nice. It’s not good,” Trump told reporters before a cabinet meeting at the White House.

We want a merit-based program’ for immigration, Trump said, ‘where people come into our country based on meritAnd we do not want chain migration, where ultimately someone like him will be allowed to bring in many, many members of his family,” Trump said.

You can already hear the leftist hand-wringing over Trump’s plan. See, they want to bring anyone and everyone in, no matter their skills or ability to add to our nation, or if they have any intent to assimilate to our culture. It’s diversity for the sake of diversity, which is something liberals salivate over. But it’s also anti-common sense, and does nothing to improve our nation whatsoever.

But the road to get rid of the program won’t be easy, as Trump will have to work with Congress to make it happen.

We have to get much tougher and we have to get much smarter,’ Trump said. ‘And we have to get much less politically correct. We’re so politically correct that we’re afraid to do anything.”

Political correctness is a cancer slowly eating away at the heart of our nation. It’s poisoned the minds of leftists and even conservatives, making our ability to honestly address even the most benign issues impossible. Putting one’s nation and values first isn’t wrong, and we must continue driving this belief into the minds of the masses, who have been told otherwise by the left-wing propaganda machine since the day they were born.

Source: Daily Mail