Trump Lays Out His Plan To Deal With Syrian Refugees, And I Couldn’t Be Happier!

Donald Trump had it right all along – taking in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees may be the humanitarian thing to do, but it’s a huge blow to our national security and extremely dangerous, evidenced by the Paris ISIS attacks.

In a packed event in Knoxville, Donald Trump laid out his plans to deal with Syrian refugees.

NBC News reports,

The GOP frontrunner told the nearly 10,000 person crowd at the Knoxville Convention Center that his prescription for the Middle East had one again been proven correct.

“We have no documentation on these people. And I said — you probably saw a couple weeks ago — I’m looking at this migration, it’s a terrible thing — I have a tremendous heart, I want to take care of people — you look at this migration, I said to my wife the other day: ‘You know, they seem like so many men.'”

Trump continued: “We have a president that wants to take hundreds of thousands — hundreds of thousands — of people and move them into our country.”

The crowd booed in disapproval.

Trump has, in fact, said this before. At a rally in Keene, New Hampshire, Trump first made waves for telling crowds he’d send those who come as part of the mass migration “back.”

Monday night, he explained that unwanted migrants have to go back home because “We’re going to have a country again. We’re going to have borders … right now, we don’t have a country.”

The GOP frontrunner also touted his prediction that we should attack Iraqi oil, “take it, and keep it” as one that is being half-employed now as countries like France and the U.S. Bomb in the region. “Why didn’t they do this a year ago?” he asked, wondering why they “always wait for tragedy to happen” before acting.

But what would Trump actually do about it? He went on to explain,

But Trump’s new plan came in the form of a rebuke of Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose decision to allow refugees into the country Trump labeled “a disgrace.”

Instead, he would build a safe zone for refugees, who, Trump says, all want to go home after the crisis is over anyway.

“In Syria, take a big swatch of land, which believe me, you get for the right price, okay? You take a big swatch and you don’t destroy all of Europe.”

He expanded on the issues moments later, saying, “What I’d like is build a safe zone, it’s here, build a big beautiful safe zone and you have whatever it is so people can live, and they’ll be happier.”

As Trump sees it, this happiness stems from the fact that they won’t have to learn the languages of the places they’d move and wouldn’t have to get used to new climates or weather patterns.

“I mean they’re gonna learn German, they’re gonna learn all these different languages. It’s ridiculous. The weather — a friend of mine lives in Minnesota. And he calls me, he says ‘Can you imagine? It’s 130 degrees in Syria and now they want to send some up to Minnesota where its 30 degrees.’ Well, these people are gonna be very, very unhappy. It’s cold and beautiful, but it’s cold.”

You can view the entire speech here:

(Source: YouTube, NBC News)