Trump Keeps His Word, Sends $25,000 To Gold Star Father

The Gold Star father of a soldier killed in the Middle East (Afghanistan) has now received a check for $25,000 from President Trump.

Chris Baldridge’s son Army Cpl. Dillon Baldridge was one of three soldiers killed in Afghanistan on June 10. The father was promised the check, but issues within the White House legal counsel stopped President Trump from being able to write it until October 18.

October 18 is the same day that the Washington Post revealed that Mr. Baldridge had not received a check. However, it has now been delivered to the father from Zebulon, North Carolina.

The check was also accompanied by a letter that read: “I’m glad my legal counsel has finally approved this contribution to you… enclosed is a check for $25,000 – I hope this will make things a bit easier, but nothing will ever replace your son, Dillion, he was an American hero.”

President Trump promised the check to Mr. Baldridge in July, not long after Dillion, 22, was killed by a police officer. Also during that 15-minute phone call, President Trump promised that his staff would set up an online fundraising page.

Mr. Baldridge went on to say: “I’m still speechless. We are so moved and grateful, and we promise to use the money to honor Dillon’s legacy.”

The check was promised to Mr. Baldridge after President Trump learned that the construction worker’s ex-wife was the one receiving the military benefits from their son’s death.

An original letter of condolence was sent, but did not contain the check.

President Trump has been under intense scrutiny this week for his alleged comments made to the wife of a fallen solider, La David Johnson, with many news outlets reporting they too were hurt by the President’s call following the loss of a loved one.

However, many others, including those related to the peers of Dillon Baldridge, have expressed their thanks to President Trump for their contact.

Source: Daily Mail