Trump Just Signed Most Epic Executive Order Of His Presidency

President Trump just saved healthcare.

Obamacare has already failed. Millions of Americans are suffering under poor coverage and sky-high deductibles. Republicans, despite their iron-grip on Washington, can’t seem to get anything done. Trump had to step in.

“Since I became president of the United States, I just keep hearing repeal and replace, repeal, replace, well, we’re starting that process. And we’re starting it in a very positive manner,” Trump said Thursday.

The president signed an executive order to revamp Obamacare. He’s creating a multi-state marketplace that will allow people to buy cheaper plans as well as encourage competition among insurance companies. He’s also loosening some of Obamacare’s restrictions.

“The order, the president said, ‘directs the Department of Health and Human Services, the Treasury, and the Department of Labor, to take action to increase competition, increase choice, and increase access to lower-priced, high-quality health care options … and people will have great, great health care.’”

Trump is doing an amazing job. The Republicans refuse to work with him yet he’s managing to get stuff done regardless. He’ll be remembered as one the better presidents that we’ve ever had.

Barack Obama, however, must deal with the fact that his legacy is slowly being dismantled.

(Source: New York Post)