Trump Just Shut Obama Up For GOOD About Syrian Refugees. “Some Are ISIS!”

Leave it to Donald Trump to say what we’re all thinking, yet again. Trump went on the O’Reilly Factor yesterday and boy did he piss off a lot of people. But, did he really or was he just speaking the truth? All along we’ve known that ISIS is attempting to sneak in their operatives through the refugee crisis.

Donald Trump knows this, sees ISIS knows the opportunity, and has been vocal about it ever since. He seems to be the only one trying to rectify the problem. Meanwhile, President Obama lets in thousands upon thousands of Syrian refugees right after terror attacks in Orlando and now Istanbul.

Trump went on The O’Reilly Factor and put Obama in his place!

If you think Trump is being presidential and trying to protect America, share this with everyone you know that will listen. Obama wants to import terror, Trump wants to end it.

(Source: YouTube)