Trump Just Sent Chills Down Mitch McConnell’s Spine With Epic Move – ‘A Death Sentence…’

It’s a sad fact the Republican Party is almost completely ineffectual. For conservatives, this reality has been evident for a long time, and a major reason for Trump’s presidential victory. His election was a rebuke to the Establishment, which always pays lip service to the conservatives they’re supposed to support, then stabs us in the back.

The leadership in Congress is largely a joke, incapable of passing meaningful conservative reforms or keeping the tiniest promises. Trump is keenly aware of this, and has routinely voiced his displeasure over the cowardly and loser attitude of the GOP’s leaders.

Speaking to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for an interview, Trump sent a shot across Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s bow, warning about the Senate’s filibuster rule and urging him to get rid of it.

As reported at the Daily Mail, while discussing the issue with Huckabee, Trump called the rule a “death sentence” for the GOP’s legislative goals.

“It’s a disaster, OK? It’s a disaster for the Republicans,” the president said. “They have to get rid of it. If they don’t get rid of it, it’s just a death sentence,” he added.

The Senate’s rules call for a majority vote to pass a bill, however, a super-majority of 60 out of 100 senators must first agree to end a debate and move to a vote. Any senator can disturb the process by mounting a “filibuster,” which is essentially a delaying tactic where the senator takes control of the Senate floor to halt proceedings indefinitely.

The tactic has been used by both parties in recent years as a means to delay the passage of certain bills, sometimes successfully relegating them to the back-burner.

The problem we have is we have 52 senators. And they have to get rid of the just absolutely crazy voting where you need 60,” Trump said Friday. “It’s called the filibuster rule, and it’s a disaster.”

With Republicans barely over a majority in the Senate, and with the Left unabashedly promising to stymie any attempt to pass conservative reforms, the filibuster is going to be very troublesome ahead of big-ticket items like tax reform.

On top of throwing a wrench into congressional proceedings, the optics are bad as well. It’s unfortunate, but since the Left controls almost every media institution in America, they’ll make out any liberal senator that takes to the floor to filibuster as a knight in shining armor, trying to stop the tyrannical President Trump. Thus, making it more difficult than it already is to garner public support.

That’s why getting rid of it is so important, and if any liberal cries about such a plan, all one has to do is remind them that it was their idea and intention as well when they were in power.

Source: Daily Mail