Trump Just Got One HUGE Step Closer To Becoming President! OH YEAH!!

Well look who’s finally getting on board the Trump Train!

The GOP themselves are now admitting that Trump is among their strongest candidates and new polling data is suggesting that he is the strongest out of them all. Though I’m not really surprised given that the people that want him in the White House are the voters.

You know, the people that actually decide the outcomes of elections. Take that political pundits!


According to the Daily Mail,  Trump has some massive support around the country.

A majority of Republican voters view only four of their party’s presidential contenders as potential general election winners, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll that reflects the sustained strength of the GOP’s outsider candidates.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is viewed as the strongest, followed by Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Seven in 10 Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters say Trump could win in November 2016 if he captures his party’s nomination.

This is echoing what I’ve known all along! Trump is the man for the job and the people know it. They are reacting in ways unseen before for political candidates. Go Trump go! You have my support.

(Source: Daily Mail)