Trump Just Got Major Victory From Supreme Court

Success! The Supreme Court tossed out another travel ban challenge. Liberals have been attempting President Trump’s agenda. Maybe they’ll finally get the hint now that their schemes have failed miserably.

The case thrown out by the court was filed by Maryland’s American Civil Liberties Union last March. Their complaints are already pointless, as the travel ban that they took issue with is no longer in effect. A third, sturdier order is now in place.

“The new ban, Trump’s third including one issued in January that was blocked by lower courts, could affect tens of thousands of potential immigrants and visitors to the United States. Opponents have already challenged it in court,” The Daily Mail writes.

Democrats should give it up. The Supreme Court’s decision was unanimous. Even the fringe justices couldn’t see the value on ruling on the travel ban.

“The court’s action suggests it also will dismiss the second case and step away from the controversy, at least for now… Among the issues raised is whether the travel ban discriminated against Muslims…”

We’re at war. The president has a right to control who’s allowed into the country, especially in times of conflict. No iteration of the ban was racist; the largest Muslim nations in the world were never mentioned.

(Source: Daily Mail)