Trump Just Got A BIG Supporter, This Could Put Him Over The Top! YES!

Another big political name is backing leading man Donald Trump.

Newt Gingrich knows a thing or two about politics, especially since he used to be the speaker of the house during the Bill Clinton administration. Not only is he backing our man, but he has some choice words for Trump.


I think he’s modulating. He’s learning. The one thing I’ve always found to be true with Trump is, I think he learns faster than any other political figure I’ve known except Bill Clinton.

I think this there is a desire on the part of the American people, which I largely agree with, to profoundly change the current terms of American politics and government. They want somebody in different formats: They want calm, stable, Dr. Carson, they want energetic CEO Carly Fiorina, they want aggressive, hard-charging Ted Cruz, or they want bombastic, loud Trump

Don’t worry Mr. Gingrich, we back him too and couldn’t agree with you more. This country needs change and he’s just the man to bring it about. Trump 2016!
(Source: CBS News)