Trump Just Did Something I Didn’t Think Was Possible. This Is AWESOME!

Impressive, Mr. Trump. Very Impressive.

Trump has taken a 15 point lead in the New Hampshire polls! His lead is enormous and likely insurmountable at this point, but Chris Christie of all people is charging hard there. Christie is now polling at 12% in NH with Ben Carson completely falling off a cliff at 6%.


According to the new poll from WBUR in Boston, Trump remains in first place with the support of 27% of likely Republican primary voters.

Rounding out the top five, Marco Rubio is in third place with 11% support, followed closely by Ted Cruz in fourth place at 10%, and Jeb Bush in fifth place at 8%.

Despite Trump’s muslim ban message, which the liberal media has blown completely out of proportion, Trump has gained in nearly every poll in the country. Take that non-believers!

(Source: CNN)