Trump Just DESTROYED Hillary In A New Poll! Tell All The Haters, It’s Gonna Be President TRUMP!

If this holds true, Trump will be the next president come November.

National polls are a tricky thing. You can never know what the entire country is thinking because of a small sample size. Local polls are a much better litmus test as to what a state could be thinking, but even that gets a little murky. How can only a few hundred or a thousand people echo what the entire country is thinking when it comes to an election? Small sample size, sure, but Trump led many polls in the GOP nomination cycle and now he’s the presumptive nominee. Maybe these polls are more accurate than we thought.

And if that’s the case, then Trump may have just received the best news yet! He’s officially beating Hillary Clinton for the first time in a national poll. Trump Train: next stop, the White House!


Donald Trump has taken a lead over Hillary Clinton for the first time in the average of national polls, Real Clear Politics reports.

  • Trump is averaging 43.4 percent compared to Clinton’s 43.2 percent.
  • Rasmussen Reports has the largest Trump lead at 42 percent to 37 percent.
  • CBS News/New York Times has the largest Clinton lead at 47 percent to 41 percent.

Over the last few weeks, Clinton’s advantage has been slipping as all the Republican candidates in the party’s primary suspended their campaigns except for Trump, while on the Democratic side Clinton continues to battle Bernie Sanders for the nomination.

Here’s how it stacked up just yesterday.

Here’s how they show today.

I think it’s safe to say that Trump is looking like he could be an unstoppable force come November!

(Source: Newsmax)