Trump Just DESTROYED Every Other Republican With 8 Simple Words. TRUTH!

Another Trump rally, another barrage of insults and truth. Trump is tackling the highest in our government and the Iran deal, saying that it was “incompetently negotiated.”

I couldn’t agree more with that statement as the Iran deal is a bunch of garbage in exchange for Iran oil reserves and also dealing with a nation that wants all Americans to die.

Trump spoke on Capitol Hill and Fox news was there to cover it:

‘We are led by very, very stupid people,’ he said at a rally against the agreement on Capitol Hill. ‘We cannot let it continue.’

Speaking after Ted Cruz addressed the crowd, Trump said the United States loses everywhere, remarking that the U.S. can’t beat ISIS and that our nation’s veterans are being treated horribly.

If elected president, Trump pledged to turn the country around. He also said that Americans imprisoned in Iran would be sent back to the U.S. before he even takes office.

‘We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning,’ he told a cheering crowd.

He referenced a new statement from Iran’s supreme leader, who said Israel will not survive the next 25 years.

Trump said Iran is making the United States look like ‘fools,’ adding that Israel won’t survive if the U.S. goes forward with more ‘incompetent leadership.’

(Source: Fox News)