Trump-Hating White Rapper Said All Whites Are Racist, Gets DESTROYED INSTANTLY!

If there’s anything we can count on famous liberals to do, it’s to politicize every avenue of their existence and never question their own motives, because the truth just burns, doesn’t it? Today we bring you a story about Mac Miller, a white musical artist that made millions of dollars culturally appropriating (liberal words, not mine) black culture.

As if he was in a cave for the last few months, Miller took to twitter to express his outrage against “reverse racism” and how being racist against white people simply cannot happen. Yes, this is real, people. There are some who actually believe this crap.

First, he asks white people what they have done for the outwardly racist Black Lives Matter movement, and gets his ass handed to him:

After that tweet, Miller doubles down on the stupid:

Immediately, Miller was given a taste of his own medicine, by others calling him out on his dummy logic:

Many took screenshots of the actual dictionary definition of racism:

And then others took to Mac’s own success in a predominantly black industry:

There are countless more really great zingers on Twitter, I suggest you check them all out. It gives me hope for the future that we can and should live in a politically incorrect society.

(Source: Twitter)