Trump-Hater Alyssa Milano Is Broke, Owes Millions In Taxes, And Stiffed Her Employees

If one were to spend a whole lot of time asking someone else to show their tax returns to hundreds of millions of people, it seems like it might flit across their consciousness to check on their own status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Apparently, that’s not how it works for the rich and famous though. I guess all that trust that they’re so stingy with for the President has been put in their accountants, and that doesn’t always work out for them.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Alyssa Milano, who is claiming that her business partner has left her and her husband “MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT AND THEIR CREDIT IS IN RUINS.”

Let’s cue the tiny violins for the lady who never checked up on the status of her taxes for not one, not two but four years.

Via Biz Pac Review:

Milano made the stunning revelations in a $10 million lawsuit she filed in Los Angeles against her former business manager, Kenneth Hellie and his firm Hellie, Hoffer & Co.

Because of Helli’s alleged negligence, Milano says she failed to pay her income taxes for 2013 and 2014; didn’t make mortgage payments on her West Hollywood condo; lost millions on a failed home renovation project, and neglected to pay her employees’ taxes.

In other words, Milano sounds like an equality-opportunity deadbeat. As a result, Alyssa says she and her husband David Bugliari are “millions of dollars in debt and their credit is in ruins,” Variety reported.

ilano alleges that her financial woes began with a ‘home improvement debacle.’ Milano says Hellie’s poor oversight of the remodeling job caused costs to spiral. She ended up spending $5 million, though the home is worth no more than $3 million.

She also says her accountants failed to notify her of Ventura County building code violations, which lingered for more than five years, resulting in a lien and $376,950 in fines.

Milano alleges that her business manager also failed to pay her federal income taxes in 2013 and 2014. Milano says her employees also complained of late payments, and that Hellie failed to pay her employees’ taxes.

I hate taxes as much as the next person, but unfortunately, it’s kind of part of being an adult. I understand the idea of outsourcing, but “forgetting” to check and make sure your taxes got paid would be kind of like just forgetting to look at your gas gauge x1000. You might be scared of what you’re going to see, but you’ll be even more scared if things go badly and you weren’t prepared.

Prior to her tax woes, Milano seems to have been spending the bulk of her time spending that tax-free money, and getting into Twitter battles about whether or not President Trump was elected on his merit or his time spent on TV:

Maybe if Milano spent less time quibbling about the definition of terms and more time checking to see if she has any bench warrants out she might have been able to avoid this humiliation.

On the bright side, maybe her rage and accusations will be pointed at this business partner for a while and she’ll stay out of politics.

(Source: Biz Pac Review)