Trump Gets Another Huge Supporter. This Could Be His BIGGEST YET!

We’ve already told you how many celebrities are backing Donald Trump, but this one might be the biggest.

Up until now, not many people that represent good old fashion, down home, America were following and supporting him.

It’s mostly been Hollywood elites that buck the liberal trend – not anymore!

Country music legend Loretta Lynn has just come out in support of Trump and said that he can go all the way!

What she has to say about the candidate lucky enough to have her sequined support is making heads spin in Washington, D.C.! Loretta’s got some pretty wise words about the opponents as well.

In a recent interview, the Nashville legend revealed Donald Trump is who she’d like to see kick Obama out of the Oval Office.

“Trump has sold me – what more can I say?” Loretta said.

“I just think he’s the only one who’s going to turn this country around,” she continued.

What fantastic news! She even endorsed Ted Cruz as her second choice.

Loretta also revealed that Ted Cruz is her second choice. However, she’s not letting Cruz distract her focus on Trump.

“When you’re advertising for the best, forget the rest!” Loretta explained.

This could put Trump on a whole new plane. With Loretta in his corner, his demographic reach is set to skyrocket! Trump 2016!

(Source: Qpolitical)