Trump CRUSHES GOP Rivals After Iowa Because Of One Thing. This Is Where He TRUMPS THEM ALL!

Donald Trump is the front runner in new Hampshire, and it’s due to his charisma and “New York Values.”

Trump campaigned hard in Iowa, but you know what, that was never his state to begin with. Iowa had Cruz written all over it. Now it’s Trump’s turn to fire back as he holds a 24 point lead over ted Cruz in a state where Trump should carry the field on his back.

His values that Cruz blasted are on display in the northeast where Trump’s following is much much stronger.

After a second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump is poised to bounce back with a crushing victory in the New Hampshire primary.

The first post-Iowa poll in the Granite State shows the billionaire leading the Republican field with 38 per cent of the vote – a far larger number than anyone finished Iowa with and 24 percentage points ahead of his closest rival.

BOOM! This bodes well for Trump. The NH primary is on February 9th. Trump with show his strength!

(Source: Daily Mail)