Trey Gowdy SILENCES An Obama-Loving, Gun-Hating Liberal On LIVE TV. Man, This Is AWESOME

One of our favorite people, proving, without a doubt, that America needs leaders, not politicians, is South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy. Not only does Gowdy uphold the rights of the citizens as dictated by the Constitution, but he delivers knockout punches to anyone unlucky enough to be in the hot seat at the time of questioning. No one does it as well as him, and we’re all the more happy for it.

When Obama and Hillary took on the cause of restricting the rights of people due to a “no-fly”list, a few things stood out. Sure, no one wants terrorists getting guns, but a government-run watch list, as dictated by liberals, would have no legal or practical way to get off said list, which means that it was unconstitutional. In a hearing, Gowdy absolutely destroys an official being questioned about the illegal practice, and leaves her absolutely speechless.

I can’t stop cheering him on, and I urge you to share this video with every red-blooded American you know.

We need more leaders like this in the country. Who’s with me?!

(Source: YouTube)