Trey Gowdy Schooled Three Clueless Clinton Supporters On Hillary’s Lies To America

Leave it to Trey Gowdy to say what we’re all thinking. The way he masterfully dismantles every liberal question to him here is absolutely astonishing.

This is why we are huge fans of Trey Gowdy. When the Liberals of MSNBC had Gowdy on, they tried to bait him into answering some of the most asinine questions imaginable about the new revelations unearthed from Anthony Weiner’s emails that could pertain to the Hillary Clinton email scandal. They also asked him about the Harry Reid letter, which, in itself, is completely ridiculous.

Watch as Gowdy answers each question like the expert he is and puts them in their place.

I mean, what did they expect, for him to just play into their poorly disguised trap? I think not – Gowdy is too smart for that.

He needs a place in higher office. A mind like that needs to be on the Supreme Court. Who’s with me?!

(Source: YouTube)