Trace Adkins’ Awesome Response To Trump Haters Is Exactly What I Needed To Hear Today

Mother Goose told us that if we didn’t have anything nice to say we shouldn’t say anything at all. Obviously, there are exceptions to that rule, but those exceptions are hopefully employed by those tasked with looking out for the best interested of others.

What it does apply to are the endless tirades of celebrities who have been royally ticked off by the election of President Trump. It’s understandable that they might disagree with him, just like many conservatives did with former President Obama. However, there’s a constructive way to deal with the problem, and ruining your career by turning into a snarling naysayer probably isn’t it.

One country star has some words of advice for his fellow celebrities about giving unsolicited political speeches; don’t.


“I don’t really think that celebrities should be going out and spouting all their opinions like anybody cares,” Trace Adkins said while he was at the studios for an interview about his new album, Something’s Going On. “You’re never gonna hear that stuff onstage when I’m doing my shows.

It’s not the place. You’re not gonna hear me go to an awards show and get up there and take that opportunity to grab the microphone and puke up whatever political opinion I may have. It’s not the place. So I only talk about it when somebody asks me, like you.”

…we asked his take on President Trump.

“My head’s spinning just like everybody else’s is,” Adkins said. “It’s been a whirlwind. You know what? CNN, MSNBC, Fox should kiss his a– every day, because he has made the 24-hour news cycle [into] reality television. It always kinda has been, of course, because they’re always talking about current stuff, real life stuff.”

It’s in the job description of our elected officials to weigh in on the issues that affect us in our everyday life. It’s their job to stand up for what we believe and speak for those who aren’t able to attend every legal proceeding that we might have a vested interest in.

Celebrities have a job, and it’s to sing or dance or act or walk a runway or whatever they’re their so great at. Political prowess doesn’t come standard, and it creeping into the field of entertainment is only causing more division for America.

Let’s be honest, if you invited me to karaoke and as soon as I got that microphone I started grandstanding about my political feelings, nobody would like that, because that’s not why I was given the microphone. It’s kinda the same with celebrities; of course, they’re entitled to their own beliefs, but they’re making us sorry we gave them a microphone.