Thugs Broke In And Shot This Pregnant Mom, They Didn’t Expect Her To Shoot Back!

This story has made me cheer all weekend long and I want EVERY American to share it.

What do you do when your home is broken into? Call the cops? Yes, but they might take some time to get there. Cower in the corner? Sometimes, that’s what people do since they have no where to run or go. Grab a gun and shoot the would be robbers? Oh hell yes. If you enter my home, I am well within my rights to defend it. And so is this woman who is my Hero Of The Week.

A young mother, Semantha Bunce, was home last week when he home was broken into and she was held at gunpoint. With one child at home, one in the womb, her other at school and her husband not home, she took matters into her own hands. She ran upstairs, grabbed her husband’s gun, and had a shootout with the robbers in their stairwell!

Not only that, but she was shot TWICE and continued to fire away, protecting her family from certain doom. And what made this all possible? Her ability to properly use a handheld gun in her home! AMEN!

Not to mention that she is a member of the National Guard as a combat medic. Semantha, you are my hero this week. Not only are you a positive role model to your children and a member of the National Guard of this great nation, but you also showed every American that having a gun can save lives, not just take them like the liberal media would have us believe. We salute you Semantha! God bless you and God bless America!

(Source: YouTube)