This Wounded Veteran Has Harsh Words For Obama. Every American Needs To See This.

President Obama and the Obama administration are full steam ahead on their new Iran Deal that they hope will limit the nuclear capabilities of Iran. The truth is that this deal only heavily sanctions Iran via inspections and check-ins by the U.S. and the U.N. The problem is that Iran already has enough uranium and centrifuges to make a bomb, according to the White House itself.

And here to tell us just how important it is to vote this deal down is veteran retired Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett. Why is he opposed to the deal? Because he was horrifically injured by an Iranian bomb while serving for us in Iraq back in 2005.

(Source: YouTube)

We should all call the number at the end of the video and urge our senators to vote this deal down! Listen to our veterans, they know, they’ve been there and seen these atrocities first hand. Let’s get a real deal to disarm Iran completely instead of putting useless sanctions on them!