This Wounded Marine Saluted For 3 HOURS To Honor Fallen Soldiers. America’s Response Was More Than I Could Handle

Have you ever tried to hold your arm up to your face for 30 seconds? Starts getting really heavy after a while, doesn’t it? Well, imagine doing that for three hours.

Now imagine doing that as an injured military veteran, and you’ll understand a little of what Sgt. Tim Chambers went through.

What Chambers did was salute through Rolling Thunder, an event where thousands of bikers roll through town in honor of veterans and fallen heroes.



Chambers, known as the saluting Marine, stood in the middle of the road and gave every single rider a knowing salute. Yes, it was extremely hard, but Chambers says that he’s all the better for it.

When he faltered and stumbled, people took it upon themselves to give him some much-needed encouragement. People like Sargeant Tim are the fabric that hold this country together. Try to watch this epic video and not feel a swell of pride for this country. I dare you.

What would you do if you saw this Marine saluting in the street? Let’s hear it in the comments!