This White Liberal Reporter Supported Black Lives Matter…Until They TURNED On Him

The mainstream liberal media will do anything they can to bury stories that they think will harm their agenda, and the ongoing tragedy known as the Milwaukee riots is the most notable omission of news I’ve seen in quite a long time.

After a thug was killed after pointing an illegal gun at police, the black community in Milwaukee (a district run by Democrats for the last 80 years) didn’t even attempt to be peaceful or even try to understand what the facts of the case were. They went from zero to destruction in no time at all, with the majority black crowd calling for violence against anyone perceived as white. This was not a protest. This was a lynch mob.

To jog your memory, here’s the sister of the supposed “victim” calling to burn suburbs, as CNN selectively edited their video, to make her look peaceful:

However, with such a strong narrative coming from the left, it was only a matter of time before the mostly white leftists got an actual taste of black on white racism in America. When the crap ball started rolling, it picked up steam fast.

Tom Pool, a half white, half Korean journalist covering the unrest in Milwaukee, is, by all measures, a leftist. He supported Occupy Wall Street and he was sympathetic to Black Lives Matter. He was on their side. And what he got was a wake up call of epic proportions. Poll was run out of town, as he would be met with certain death had he stayed in town any longer.

The reason? He “looked” white and gangs of thugs were robbing and beating anyone who fit that description, despite the left swearing that the protests were “peaceful.” Pool recorded a video apologizing to the people waiting for his coverage, coverage that would never come because he experienced true racism and hadn’t processed that his leftist worldview didn’t amount to a hill of beans when there was an angry mob that literally wanted his head.

Here’s Pool’s confession:

Now, if you took a look at liberal media, are they showing that these thugs are shouting “Get ’em! They WHITE! Beat their ass!” on their prime time news? No. They’re glomming on to something Donald Trump said that may have offended someone of some undetermined gender of racial background. The very real racial division and racist calls to violence fall on deaf ears because it doesn’t fit their agenda. Hell, Obama went golfing.

That’s how much he cared about white people getting their heads bashed in and shot through the neck.

Real Americans don’t care for this. They’re smarter than to be divided by race, and they don’t give in to thugs. No matter what Obama and the liberal media try to make them out to be the aggressors, we know that we’re the only thing stopping this country from becoming the failed state that every leftists truly wants it to be.

Stay safe out there.