This Video PROVES That Obama’s Tears Were FAKED! Obama Wants This Taken Down!

Barack Obama doesn’t care about gun crime – not really, anyway. If he did, he’d tackle the issue of inner city gangs in his hometown of Chicago, where more murders are committed than in Iraq and Afghanistan on a regular basis.

That’s why t comes as a surprise to us at Yes I’m Right that the press would jump all over the President shedding a few tears for a photo-op, talking about dead children. Yes, that’s nice. Now, how about you let people actually defend themselves instead of disarming the ones who have done no wrong?

In this Rebel Media video, political pundit and genius Ben Shapiro takes apart Barack “crocodile tears” Obama’s speech and exposes it for the teary-eyed fraud that it really was.

It’s a must watch and must share!

(Source: YouTube)