This Video Of Every Single CNN Lie Will Convince You That They Are Evil, Lying Hypocrites

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. We can officially call time of death on the once great news network, CNN. Given, they haven’t been great for quite a while, and they even had the chance to mend their lying ways, but instead of backing off, they doubled down, and America is finally seeing them for what they are.

Death is upon them, and the funeral has been planned. As with any good memorial service, there needs to be a montage of your favorite memories of the dearly departed. Political commentator, Mark Dice was kind enough to put that together for us.

CNN has become the biggest joke in TV to date. Their lies and double talk have become the most overt agenda peddling that we’ve ever seen accepted by the general population in this country.

Most of the employees of this once credible network probably have degrees and used to want to actually report the news instead of being puppets of someone else’s agenda. The switch in the program has tripped people up. It was probably hard enough switching to doing news 24 hours a day, but now they have to make up 24 hours worth of news a day and that’s gotta be exhausting.

They may have started out this anti-Trump agenda because they thought it would be good for their pocket book in the long run, but they have stayed with it too long. Now that the world is onto their shenanigans, they have a ruined reputation that they may never recover from. They could just lean in again and actually come out and admit that they’re a DNC sponsored platform for pushing the leftist agenda. People might actually respect that more than the lying and pretending to still be news when they’re really not.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. -Walter Scott