This Video Is The Final Nail In Nancy Pelosi’s Political Coffin. She’s Done.

No matter how many politicians come and go in Washington, it’s nice to imagine that they all start out optimistic, wanting to make a positive influence on the country. Sure, some of them get corrupted along the way, and I guess it’s possible that there are some who come to the nation’s capital with the goal of personal gain, chasing fame and fortune, but it’s doubtful that is a high percentage.

What does happen, is that people get older and wiser, and pick the path that they think will further their own cause, whatever that is. In the case of minority leader Nancy Pelosi, she decided to put her lot with the alt left, feminists and general Hillary crowd. And it served her well for quite a while, however, Pelosi is at a time in her career where she needs to consider how to gracefully remove herself from the spotlight before she outlives her usefulness and the party does it for her.

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Washington D.C. – Chief Political Correspondent for CNN, Dana Bash interviewed House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi today at the 2017 Fiscal Summit. Nancy Pelosi went on a strange, incoherent rant about the Trump-Russia hoax where she claimed the NRA is actually a part of the Intelligence Community. 

This clip of Nancy Pelosi, like many others is painful to watch. Major cringe!

Pelosi: “Talk about Russia undermined our election. They did it. (Incoherent babble)…not even any question. They hacked. They leaked. They disrupted. The question is was there collusion (babbling)…you can’t know until you have the full fledged facts.

And to have a President say to the…uh Director of the FBI, the DNI, Director of National Intelligence or the NRA person that um, uh that, that uh they should not go forward. Uhhh it raises questions that need to be answered in a facts and law way.”

I want to try and say this as kindly as I know how because when I watch this video I feel compassion for the woman who’s genuinely attempting to communicate in an articulate manner. It would be easy to make fun of her stumblings and misspeaking, but that doesn’t really serve any purpose. When I listen to her, it reminds me of someone I’m close to who’s in her 70’s who’s suffered a stroke.

She has these thoughts that she genuinely does want to communicate, but the wires are just crossed up. She’s a person who has a valid reason for existing and who has people around her who love her deeply, but if you’re at the point in your life where you’re too exhausted or forgetful to speak clearly, it’s just time to stop trying to influence a nation.

(Source: The Gateway Pundit)