This Veteran’s Emotional Surprise Brought Me To TEARS! Share This Everywhere!

I can never get enough of these stories.

Sgt. Franz Walkup is a purple heart recipient and one of the bravest America has to offer. After being ambushed and shot 5 times in combat by Afghani forces during the still ongoing Afghanistan war, he made it out alive and continues to inspire people around the country with his positivity and great attitude towards life. Ellen has him on his show during one of her holiday episodes and while I don’t agree with Ellen’s lifestyle choices, she has always shown support for our troops and proves it in a BIG way here.

Watch as Sgt. Walkup and his wife get the surprise of their lives!

With the holidays coming up, who doesn’t love a great happy ending story to kick things off!? We salute you Sgt. Walkup. Keep fighting and never give up!

(Source: YouTube)