This TV Host Ripped Islam To Shreds. Now Watch Her EPIC Obama Take Down!

Tomi Lauren is a rarity – she’s a young conservative. She also comes from a household of Marines and had some choice words – on her news show On Point with Tomi Lauren – for radical Islam in the wake the the Chattanooga massacre that killed several US Marines at the hands of a crazed Muslim terrorist.

Her video quickly went viral, as most doses of hard truth tend to do, but now she’s setting her sights on Obama and his unwillingness to act decisively, instead trying to make amends with the Muslim community when the real victims are those fighting for our freedoms. She’s also humble, saying “I’m not a hero.” Instead, she points out the very real everyday heroes fighting overseas for the country and community that they hold dear.

(Source: YouTube)

As a young conservative, it’s absolutely refreshing to hear someone with an understanding of how the world works put together a speech that’s so amazingly well-crafted that she has millions flock to her as a shining beacon of hope for conservatives everywhere. She’s a national treasure and I wish other young people would adopt her mindset.