This Rape Victim UNLOADED On Hillary’s Awful DNC Speech On LIVE TV. She’s FIRED UP!

As Hillary was accepting the nomination for the Dems, the NRA was releasing a new ad that should have her hanging her head in shame. Or at least that’s the hope.

It’s no secret that Hillary wants more gun control. She’s talked about it countless times and would continue Obama’s crusade against the second amendment. However, someone is fighting back and calling her out! Rape survivor Kimberly Corbin was on the Kelly file yesterday and spoke to Megyn about what it’s like to be a woman with the right to own a gun and to self protect.

If anyone knows, it’s this woman. Watch below as she takes Hillary to task!

But that’s not all. Corbin is now featured in a new NRA ad where she goes even further! We love this! WOW!

This is an incredibly important message not just for rape victims, but for all Americans. You have the constitutional right to bear arms. Taking that away would not only be a felony, but also would unravel the fabric that united our nation when it was formed. Now more than ever we NEED personal weapons to defend ourselves against exactly these types of attacks.

And all this gun control coming from the queen of left wing BS. Typical Democrats.

(Source: YouTube)