This Police Officer’s EPIC Response To The Flag-Stomping Challenge Is Something EVERY American Needs To See!

Eric Sheppard, a self-proclaimed terrorist and unashamed racist, issued a challenge for people around the country to stomp on the American flag. Of course,┬áthese are often liberal college kids that haven’t held a job for more than 45 minutes who have also conveniently forgotten that they live at a time when there was never more opportunity, especially for people who aren’t white.

It’s typical liberal politically correct nonsense hiding behind an all-bark-and-no-bite hashtag.

Well, Officer Dominic Izzo from Illinois has an response for the idiots that are desecrating our national symbol, and it is GOOD:

(Source: YouTube)

We need more honorable men like Dominic in our country, calling out cowardly terrorists like Eric Sheppard for what they really are.