This PISSED OFF Veteran Exposed Every Awful LIE Obama Told About Iran’s $400 Million Ransom

When Barack Obama appeared before the country and spoke at a press conference where he addressed the $400 million mystery payment to Iran, most people in the country knew it was fishy.

After all, right after U.S. soldiers are rescued from their illegal confines in Iran, a pallet of $400 million makes its way to Tehran, for Iran to do as they please. Anyone would find that objectionable.

I mean, just look at Obama’s unconvincing speech on the matter, if you can stomach it:

However, few of us could put into words exactly how far down the rabbit hole Obama’s administration goes as far as the lies and constant deceptions it’s wrought upon our great nation.

Thankfully, we have Lt. Col. Oliver North to set Obama straight in a clip from Hannity. North outlines exactly why Obama is the worst President of our lifetimes, and why this Iran ransom payment was the last in a long line of crooked behavior on the part of the President. This is absolutely epic, and I couldn’t agree with him more.

Amen, Mr. North. Amen. We need more patriots like you.