This Pissed-Off Cowboy Just Knocked Out Every Liberal That Says “Trump Supporters Are Nazis,” And I Can’t Stop Cheerin’!

The left and mainstream media is always always always finding new ways to manipulate us, and they finally hit on something that we’re not desensitized to; Nazis.

None of us really know what the victims of the Nazis have gone through, but we do know it was unspeakably bad. That compassion for their suffering is what’s being manipulated now in order to leverage the liberal agenda.

This guy says absolutely everything that conservatives have been thinking on this issue. Just watch it, we’ll reconvene after.

I told you.

The thing about the Nazis is that they didn’t come to power all in one day. They started out as a gang of “brown shirts” who were mostly unemployed German men who’d lost their jobs and needed a cause to believe in. According to experts on the issue “They engaged in street fights with their political enemies, practiced pseudo-military exercises, and terrorized Germany.”

In one explanation of the parallel between protesters and the brown shirts, the similarities are uncanny.

The term “Brownshirt” refers to someone who would censor and often physically assault members of opposing parties in the name of Adolph Hitler. In addition to inciting violence, the Brownshirts would also provide protection, like bodyguards, for Nazi meetings and rallies. But even though Hitler has been gone for over 70 years since his death in 1945, his violent tactics and strategies are still very much alive.

Sound like anyone you know?

The liberals have accomplished one really fantastic goal; they’ve made everyone in the nation with any sense at all condemn the Nazi’s. The problem they’re likely to run into is if they keep this up (both the rioting and the name calling) people are going to start to put it together, and when they do, they’re going to be irate that we had to put up with this for as long as we did.

While I don’t condone name calling, I’d just like to ask; who’s a Nazi now???

(Source: Chad Prather, News Target, Yad Vashem)