This Picture Is Going Viral And Hillary Wants It GONE! She Is PISSED! HAHA!

For all the pictures we’ve been showing you recently, this one might take the cake as the most rage inducing. But for Hillary only. HAHA!

She is quite famous for not only being a huge liar, but for also saying anything humanly imaginable to get votes. One of the best examples of this was when she was on a black radio show and was asked the question about what she always carries on her at all times. She said, “Hot Sauce.” That is pandering in the highest degree and also slightly racist.

All that aside, this is something that’s going to expose her for being the phony she truly is. When it comes to actual political topics and views, she can’t make up her mind at all. And that is a dangerous thing. Here are 22 of her most recent flip flops.

Unreal! Want even more? Here’s a video of her lies.

She just needs to go away.

(Sources: Weasel Zippers and YouTube)