This “Open Borders” Country Finally Had ENOUGH Of Muslim Refugees! What They Did…OMG!

This is fantastic news and those watching in Washington should take notice.

France is once again showing the way on how to deal with muslim immigrants and we should follow in their path. The muslim immigration crisis has reached a tipping point and France has had enough. France was a refuge for Syrian Muslims trying to escape the various wars of the middle east, but with their non conforming nature and worshiping of Islam as law, they have not fit into society.

We’ve covered the outrage by locals, but now the entire country of France is saying get out, and get out NOW.


Following a long battle, a French judge has approved plans to evict hundreds of migrants and demolish a large proportion of the notorious “Jungle” camp in the northern French port of Calais.

Despondent locals have endured years of disruptions, protests, and even riots. Just last night gangs of migrants went on a “victory lap” of the town chanting “UK! UK!” (footage below) as it looked as if the demolition plans would be dropped. They were eventually dispersed with tear gas.

Now, over a thousand migrants are certain to be evicted from the southern side of the camp. The northern side, meanwhile, containing shops, a mosque, and the new permanent accommodation built by the authorities, will be spared.

YES! A win for normalcy. Here’s just ONE of the videos of the pillaging they did. Yes, clearly a peaceful people. *sarcasm*

Despicable. Good riddance!

(Source: Breitbart)