This Oil Pipeline Could Save America’s Economy And Obama’s Doing WHAT?!

Obama’s deal with the devil would usher in a new oil revolution. Iranian oil may flood the global markets, including the U.S. However, the dependence on foreign oil might never come to a close.

And though we have many natural oil resources and companies have been able to extract them recently with advances in drilling technology, there is no way we will be able to be self sufficient on oil reserves within the U.S.



However, there is something else we can do and it’s about to happen soon. With the new oil boom, there is an opportunity in the U.S. to begin exporting oil to other countries to help offset the cost of bringing foreign oil, specifically from the middle east, in. This would be a tremendous lift to the economy and would negate a lot of what the Iran deal centers around: oil. Not just about nukes, clueless liberals.

(Source: CNN)