This Marine EXPOSED Every LIE In Obama’s Secret $400 Million “Gift” To Iran, On LIVE TV!

Oh man. That $400 million for the release of American hostages is getting Barack Obama into massively deep trouble.

First came news yesterday of Obama and his administration giving Iran $400 in return for American hostages. Now, we’re getting the backlash and it is NOT pretty. People from political pundits all the way up to Lt. Col. Oliver North, yes THAT Ollie North, absolutely blasting Obama for this clear ransom payment.

North is PISSED!

North brings up a great point:

“This is an administration that has consistently lied and the mainstream media has never done a damn thing to find out, for example: Why has this administration consistently bent over backwards for the Iranian regime?”

And who would blame him for being pissed about this? Certainly not us. What Obama and his administration did was pay a hostile country, who he made a deal with to loosen sanctions to give a path to a nuke, hundreds of millions of dollars for American lives. He actively tried to hide this and he was caught in the act. Why are we working with Iran at all? *cough*OIL*cough* Oh, that and the Iranian government has given Hillary’s campaign millions.

And Hillary has said that electing her is going to continue Obama’s tenure another 4 years. I’m not sure this country can take that and not collapse entirely.

(Source: Facebook)