THIS Is Why Trump Is Sending The Feds To Clean Up Chicago. This Is Beyond EVIL

A despicable video posted online shows a man laughing and jeering as he films a trio of three young boys walking along the street.

One of the boys, a cherub-faced child who barely looks eight, is armed with a gun.

Watch the horrifying exchange below:

Ex-cons and disgruntled liberals like to pretend that the violence aggravating Chicago is instigated by the police, but it’s simply not true. Chicago has a high murder rate because it’s infested with murderers. If you can find a video of an elementary school age child nonchalantly carrying a gun in his pants, just think about what kinds of awful things must be going on that you’re not seeing.

Holiday weekends in the city are often marred by violence sprees.

“One hundred and one people were shot – 15 of them fatally – over the course of the Fourth of July weekend across Chicago. Chicago police say the majority of the incidents happened during a six-hour period Monday night on the South and West sides, involving fights and arguments,” CBS Chicago reported earlier this month.

Those are numbers that would be better suited for a battlefield. No American should have to live in such a dangerous neighborhood. Ex-President Barack Obama had a special tie to Chicago, yet he still refused to do anything to help the city. Life for the average low-income resident become worse under his leadership.

“It needs to stop. Something has to be done. People need to speak up. If you see something say something. That’s the only way we are going to get our community back,” a shooting victim’s mother told CBS.

The Fourth of July bloodbath was so awful that even Black Lives Matter supporters like Rev. Jesse Jackson refused to blame the police.

“Drugs in, guns in, jobs out. More died on these streets since Friday than in Afghanistan or Iraq,” he said.

(Source: CBS Chicago)