This Is The SHOCKING Reason Why Bernie Sanders Should Never Lead Our Military. What A COWARD!

Liberals are hilariously backwards on so many levels. Bernie Sanders is one of those liberals.

Back in the 1960s, his campaign has confirmed, he was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. Not exactly someone who you’d want leading the country as he would probably stage a peaceful sit in as opposed to going to battle.

His campaign is also trying to spin this story that now he is not, but guess what?

Once a liberal, always a liberal, and I guarantee you he isn’t qualified to lead our great nation.

Last week, the Des Moines Register ran a column from a Hillary Clinton supporter and Vietnam veteran, titled, “How can Sanders be commander in chief?”

“My question as a Vietnam veteran is: How on earth could a person claiming to be a conscientious objector become the commander in chief of the most powerful military in the world?” questioned the column author Steve Wikert. According to a profile from the Vermont Senator’s hometown newspaper, the Burlington Free Press, his conscientious objector status application was eventually rejected, but by then Sanders was too old to be drafted.

So a pacifist and possibly a draft dodger? Sounds like the liberals really have some winners over there in their camp. *sarcasm*