This Is The Exact Moment When Hillary Realized Trump Knocked Her The Hell Out

In the final Presidential debate, both candidates went at it with everything they had, but it’s safe to say that one came out the clear winner, due to one pivotal turning point.

You see, Hillary Clinton has secrets that can be exploited. She’s also been in the public eye for decades, with nothing to show for it other than a failed foreign policy and ruined economy, so Donald Trump used a question against him to smash Hillary as hard as he could.

After Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump a puppet for Vladimir Putin, Trump unleashes on her inaction and absolute weak will when it comes to foreign affairs.

Here’s when Hillary thinks she has the upper hand, before Trump crushes her:

Trump went on to say that Clinton and Obama were absolutely outsmarted at every turn by Putin, which is absolutely true.¬†Hillary’s reaction is a face that knows that she’s been beaten. She never regained her stamina after that, she simply stumbled over her words and went back to tired arguments.

Here’s the exact turning point:

Donald Trump absolutely carried this debate and proved to the American people that Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted with anything resembling a position of power. I can’t wait until November, when we turn the Clintons into nothing but a political afterthought.

(Source: YouTube)