This Is Russia’s EPIC Response To Their Downed Jet. “Here, Eat More Bombs!”

Putin continues to impress and Obama continues to sit by on the sidelines.

Just one day after their fighter jet was shot down by Turkish radical Islamists, Russia went right back to the same place and bombed the living hell out of the area. And why not, right? That’s been Putin’s MO since the war on ISIS begun.

Russian forces launched a heavy bombardment against insurgent-held areas in Syria’s Latakia province on Wednesday, near where a Russian warplane had been shot down by Turkey the day before, rebels and a monitoring group said.

At least 12 air strikes hit Latakia’s northern countryside as pro-government forces clashed with fighters from al Qaeda’s Nusra Front and Turkmen insurgents in the Jabal Akrad and Jabal Turkman areas.

Yea! No mercy from Putin and Russia. Obama has said he wants to ramp up efforts, but we haven’t seen anything but Russian bombs being dropped on ISIS.

A Turkmen commander said missiles fired from Russian warships in the Mediterranean were also hitting the area, as well as heavy artillery shelling.

Clearly Russia doesn’t care how it’s done. Land, air, sea, whenever they think they can hit ISIS hard, they will. Go Russia! Take out ISIS at all costs! We salute and support you.

(Source: Yahoo)