This Is Exactly How Badly Obama Has FAILED Our Country. This Is INSANE!

The Iran nuclear deal continues to be a point of frustration for the Obama administration and a point of showing the public what liberal politics is really like for nearly all Republican candidates for the presidency in 2016. It also seems that Americans on the whole are catching on the underhanded ways this administration does business. In a recent gallup poll, only 33% of those polled approved of the handling of the Iran situation.

As you can see from the graph above, of any category responded to, the Iran deal is by far the most shunned. You can also see that there isn’t a SINGLE category where Americans are over 50% approving of other policies including Race Relations (a category one would think our first black president would excel in), Education, and Terrorism.

Is 2016 here yet? Can we just forego the last year of the Obama administration? Cannot wait until it’s over.

(Source: Gallup)