THIS IS AWESOME! Trump’s Best Line Of The Debate To Jeb Bush: “Pretty Soon You’ll Be…”

Last night’s debate saw fireworks and we’ll show you as much as we humanly can today, but this was easily the best line from Trump all night.

Jeb Bush’s campaign is on life support. We all know this. Trump knows this too and points it out to Bush when the two get into a heated argument. Bush accused Trump of being a “chaos” candidate. Trump’s response? “Pretty soon you’ll be off the stage.” WOA! Go Trump!

They sparred all night and what was the biggest highlight for me? Well just watch this clip below. It’s epic!

BOOM! Trump with the slam! I seriously think Trump won this debate again. With Cruz and Rubio rising in the ranks, this only solidified Trump as the front runner. What did you think of the debate? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: YouTube)