This HILARIOUS Photo Proves Hillary Is Full Of CRAP…Literally! She Wants This GONE!

With all the embarrassment Hillary Clinton has gone through in the last few months, you’d think she’s had enough. Apparently there’s one more thing that might send her into a rage and we have our hands on it.

In an undated picture, Hillary is seen climbing the stairs to Air Force One. She is with husband, former President Bill Clinton and they have their arms around each other. But what you don’t see in the cover photo we gave you is where your eye is drawn when the full picture is revealed.

It’s pretty gross!

EW! Maybe the thought of the FBI breathing down her neck got to her! HA HA!

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that the picture is real, but knowing her history, it very well could be. If real, this wouldn’t be  the first time “duty called”, as she missed her cue at the first Democratic Debate:

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